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With team members across the United States and lightweight, compact material, we can go anywhere you need.

2206 Horseshoe Pike, Honeybrook, PA, 19344

Let us be part of your project
Turn to our team for design consultation; from conceptualization to maintenance, we consider:  

Project Objectives

Visual Integrity & Aesthetics


Noise Mitigation

Structural Requirements

Safety & Security

Whether you're in pre-planning or design phase, send us your general inquiries. Here are some that we get often:  

Q: Does transparent shatter or scratch easily?  

A: Transparent panels have 11 times the strength of tempered glass and do not shatter like glass does. For added assurance, Breaksafe panels are available and equipped with fragment retention.

Q: How does it stay clean? 

A: All of our transparent systems are easy to maintain as dirt and grime are washed away with rainwater. In the event of graffiti or vandalism, the panels can be power washed without leaving any trace of damage.

Q: Does it yellow or haze over time? 

A: No, Superior panels are ASTM tested and and meets weathering requirement over time such as light transmission, haze, and yellowness, and are backed by a 30-year warranty.

Q: Do you have limitations on sheet sizes? 

A: Flexible in size, our sheets can be manufactured up to 8 feet wide and 20 feet long.

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