Transparent safety, noise and wind barrier systems customized to meet your project needs.

Ready Fit Barrier System

SUPERIOR Ready Fit Barrier Systems are used to mitigate noise along roadways, rail lines, walkways, and for industrial applications. These framed panels are shipped direct to site and easily installed with steel or concrete posts and combine seamlessly with precast concrete, absorptive, or other panel types to form an attractive and effective noise barrier.

A fully framed system that allows Superior transparent panels to be used in conjunction with any post and panel noise barrier system. Use Superior Ready Fit exactly where you need them, whether it’s a full bay, spanning the entire length of the wall, or for a section that sits on top of an existing barrier.

  • A prefabricated modular system that can be combined with other noise barrierproducts. 
  • Easy-to-install, drop in place installation takes minutes.
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transparent barrier by grass and road
transparent barrier
transparent barrier on stone walls
transparent barrier in dry environment
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Field Built Systems

An ultra-lightweight system that provides effective noise abatement and, if needed, fragment retention in the event of a collision with an errant vehicle.

The SUPERIOR 3-sided Field Built Systems are ideal for bridges, elevated structures or any project that has been designed with strict dead load weight requirements.Site constructed flexibility allows design accommodations for grade changes with multiple mounting options or integrating into various wall systems.

  • No top frame allows rain to easily clean the sheet
  • Designs can include additional features such as Bird Guard or fragment retaining GS CC
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transparent barrier at sunset
transparent barrier by rail road
transparent barrier with trees behind
transparent barrier in public area with green grass and stone
side angle of transparent barrier on top of wall
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Pedestrian Bridges & Railings

Promote community engagement and safety with transparent safety and wind barriers that are custom designed to elevate your pedestrian bridge or walkway.

Pedestrian bridges and railings are a unique application with design and safety having equal importance. Our transparent panels can be enhanced with fragment retention to withstand debris from vehicles or hurricane force winds. A superior safety feature that protects pedestrians while preserving light and visibility along any path.

  • Complete design customization with colors, etching and thermoforming
  • More durable and shatter resistant than tempered glass
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transparent barrier with bridge in background
transparent barrier near water
transparent barrier on both sides of a pedestrian bridge
far shot of bridge with transparent barriers
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Our safest barrier available, solely focused on protecting motorists. Engineered to help transportation professionals design safer infrastructure that will improve quality of life and reduce crash severity.

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truck test crashing into a transparent barrier
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