A window to the world around us, landscape transformations start with transparency.  
Transparent barrier on top of wall in evening

Best in Class Material

Our transparent sheets are specially developed for use as a noise barrier panel in transportation or building applications. Backed by decades of research and innovation - and a 30-year warranty - our high transparency grade sheets can be cut-to-size or framed to fit your project aesthetic and engineering requirements.

Let the Light in 

Ultra-high weather resistance ensures a light transmission of over 90% is retained over time with a minimum loss even after 30-year outdoor exposure. The same material is used in traffic signal and vehicle lighting for its quality assurance and luminous intensity necessary for public safety.
A curved transparent barrier above a highway

Bend and not break

The ultimate shapeshifter, and weighing as little as 4 psf, transparent sheets ensure lightweight construction and make it an easier material to package, ship and install. Installed flat, cold-curved or thermoformed, almost any shape imaginable can be formed due to its flexural strength and thermoplastic properties. The versatility of transparent will allow you to maximize the noise protection and aesthetics by designing curved and modern structures.
A series of colored translucent materials

Visionary Architecture

Enhance the view even further colors, screen printed decorations or sandblasted features. Transparent can be clear, opaque, translucent and matte on one side. Even our framing details can be tailored to suite design aesthetics or durability requirements – from colored, powder coated aluminum to anodized bronze framing.
Workers installing a transparent barrier

Turnkey Solution

No matter the system you choose, Superior products provide ample flexibility in construction scheduling and ease of installation. Our complete systems are custom engineered to address noise reduction, wind deflection, and safety needs, all while preserving the view.
more break resistance than glass
transparent clarity on delivery
year warranty
A minimum
STC sound reduction
as much as tempered glass

Noise & the Environment

The effects of noise on quality of life and health are undeniable. As noise pollution continues to be a pressing concern in congested urban areas, addressing its adverse health effects through comprehensive mitigation measures becomes crucial for promoting a healthier and more sustainable living environment. Use transparent as a noise barrier for its excellent sound-reducing properties and promotion of natural light, elements that work to improve mood and quality of life in communities while not restricting plant life or growth that comes with a solid barrier.

Public Safety

Less susceptible to breakage or vandalism than tempered glass, our sheets contain filaments that can retain fragments upon impact and prevent falling debris from breakage.

Use transparent as a safer noise barrier for its:

  • Improved site lines and visibility for the drivers
  • Shatterproof material safer for public spaces
  • Protect pedestrians from wind and traffic debris
  • Unrestricted views for better property surveillance
  • Durability to withstand hurricane force winds and earthquake level vibrations
  • Easy graffiti removal
Transparent barrier with apartment buildings in background

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